5 keynotes, over 100 speakers and 12 workshops over four days. Welcome to Interaction 16.


Marko Ahtisaari

Marko Ahtisaari

The Sync Project

Kate Darling

Kate Darling

MIT Media Lab

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino


Cameron Sinclair

Cameron Sinclair

Small Works

Tricia Wang

Tricia Wang

Constellate Data

Long talks and panels (45 minutes + Q&A)

A Design Practice for the 21st Century

Matt Nish-Lapidus


Assisting Nepal after the earthquake: Lessons learned from applying design thinking in a post-disaster context

Sumier Phalake


Can Computers Design?

Antti Oulasvirta

Aalto University User Interfaces research group

Closure Experiences – Why a simple goodbye could help climate change

Joe Macleod


Confessions of a creative leader

Henrik Rydberg


Connecting Children with Nature through Smart Toy Design

Jes Koepfler

EY Intuitive

Nidhi Jalwal

EY Intuitive

Conversations are the new interfaces

Alper Cugun


Coroflot @ Work—The Future is Now

Crowds, Algorithms, and Computation: The New Materials of Design

Matthew Milan


Design for Healthcare: Don’t ask me what I didn’t do, ask me how I am

Jennifer Ng


Design patterns for government services: A community, not a library

John Waterworth

UK Government Digital Service

Tim Paul

UK Government Digital Service

Designing Consent: Using UI to Mitigate Harassment in Social Networks

Caroline Sinders

Designing for Play : What Interaction Design Can Learn From Video Games

Chelsea Hostetter

frog Design

Ahmed Riaz

frog Design

Designing with Velocity at Scale

Raphael Grignani


Future of UX in 2050

Apala Lahiri Chavan

Human Factors International

Getting (Dis)Connected: Shallow Interaction Patterns for Deeper Human Experiences

Kieran Evans

EY Intuitive

Jes Koepfler

EY Intuitive

Huge Café - Brewing Up the Future of User Testing

Jenny Drinkard

Huge Inc.

Matt Bedette


Introduction to User Experience Design for mid-core games

Teemu Kivikangas


Learning From Live Systems: A Design Approach for Behavior

Joshua Seiden


Love Actually – Experience Design Lessons From Romantic Comedies

Angel Anderson


Magical UX and the Internet of Things

Josh Clark

Big Medium

Nature’s Notifications: What technology can learn from a buzzing bee and a thunderclap.

Emmi Laakso


Phillip Tiongson


Passengerhood: On the Road to Autonomy

John Rousseau



Steve Baty

Meld Studios

Smart Frictions

Simone Rebaudengo

frog Design

Nicolas Nova

Near Future Laboratory

The Dawn of Agentive Technology: The UX of “soft” AI

Chris Noessel

The Futures We Want

Kaleem Khan

True Insight

The Hidden Challenges and Rewards of Managing a UX Team

Rachel Jackson

Thomson Reuters

The Invisible Cities

Pablo Honey


The next five years of European design

Greg Petroff


The Privacy Invasions: A UXers Guide to the Post Snowden Era

Kyle Outlaw


UX in 2018: Designing experiences for a multi-touchpoint, multi-device future

Sol Mesz


When Everything Goes To Hell in a Handbasket – How to ‘wing it’ succcessfully

Scott Plewes

Macadamian Technologies

Barb Spanton

Macadamian Technologies

Medium talks (20 minutes + Q&A)

(Re)Designing a workspace using human-centered design to support flexibility, collaboration, and engagement among clinical trial research support services

Aalap Doshi

Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

10 Team Goals for Effective Design Specifications

Jack Moffett

Inmedius, a Boeing Company

Action space of digital devices

Isabella Loddo

Iuav University

All-inclusive design – excluding no gender

Sara Lerén


Build Better Products with Emotional data

Sarah Henry


CitySkin – an experimental mobile data visualization tool

Isabel Paiva

UT Austin Portugal

Connected Objects are Natural Born Storytellers

Leandro Agrò

Design Group Italia

Conversations with Alice

Pierluigi Dalla Rosa

Designing Experiences for the Connected Car

Ricardo Aguilar

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development

Designing for Future Spaces: Lessons from the Digital World

Jane Wong


Designing structured stories

Tristan Ferne

BBC Research & Development

Designing the future of Augmented Reality

Carina Ngai


Emotional Design in Developing Economies

Ana Sofia Gonzalez


From pushing pixels to reshaping Governments: designing ground-up for organizations

David Boardman


How Can Diversity Enrich Our Industry & Our Lives?

Yonatan Kelib


Measuring Design Maturity: an Imperative and an Opportunity

Rob Girling


Measuring Design Quality

Duncan Lamb


Narrative Techniques in the IoT

Janice Ahn


Practical Abstraction

Boris Anthony

Co-founder, http://Reb.us Web Books & Independent Strategic Design Advisor

The Design Scientist

Amber Cartwright


The next five years of European design

Greg Petroff


This Young Moment: Interaction Design in the Age of Hyperrealtime

Christine Todorovich

frog Design

Trade-offs & Sharing: Figuring out UX for the complex dynamics of a sharing platform

Marcel Schouwenaar

The Incredible Machine

We are here: designer as cartographer

Linnea Vizard

Usability Matters

Why haven't we "broken the grid" in interaction design, yet.

Nour Tabet


Emma Sherwood-Forbes


Writing for Personality in Tech: A Call To Artists

Jonathan Foster


Lightning talks (10 minutes)

Social events

The overarching theme that Interaction 16 explores is what’s next, in the context of the future of interaction design as a craft, as a profession, and design practice as a whole.

Interaction Designers have finally earned their seat in the corner office, but at the same time the dynamic within the industry is changing rapidly and constantly. Design as a whole becoming embedded in business, society and technology. The internet is profoundly changing the way the world conducts business and consumes services, and modern computing is taking interaction design to places which we didn’t dare to dream about before.

At Interaction 16 we will explore these questions through a mix of inspirational talks and practical hands-on advice from leading practitioners. While we work closely with the Education Summit to accommodate the needs of beginners and experienced professionals alike, we aim to emphasize “practical” over “basic” and “visionary” over “aspirational”.

Welcome to Interaction 16

Full Interaction 16 program, session descriptions and schedule will be published in January 2016. However, the previous years have sold out well in advance so we advise you to get your tickets now!

Interaction Week

Interaction 16 with its side activities runs the whole week from Sunday 28th to Friday 4th March, as follows:

Interaction Design Education Summit will open on Sunday evening, February 28 and offer a full day of programming Monday, February 29. It is a separate ticket from your Interaction16 conference ticket.

Interaction 16 conference workshops will take place on Tuesday, March 1st. This year workshops are not included in the conference ticket price.

Interaction 16 conference will take place between Wednesday, March 2nd, and Friday March 4th.

Interaction Awards will be celebrated Friday night.

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