From Quantified Self to Quantified City

Quantified self, from Fitbit to Sleep Cycle, is a proven market. It has happened. The data generated can provide huge insight at scale. This was illustrated when Jawbone issued stats on who woke up during the South Napa earthquake in 2014. We could design better transport, better healthcare, and better cities if we could design better sharing of this valuable data.

People happily post their lives to Facebook, their movement to Moves, or wear a wristband to measure (and to share) their activity, but will freak out if we count them entering a park. This 10-minute talk is about public participation, privacy, and an urban alternative to the "rewards" we get at the personal scale.

John Lynch

John Lynch

John Lynch is Project Lead, Product & Service Design in the Urban Futures team at Future Cities Catapult in the UK. John studied Multimedia at Dublin City University building a physical gaming interface pre-Wii and pre-Kinect way back in the early 2000’s. His work as a multimedia developer brought him to the urban context through heritage exhibitions and mobile apps in Ireland and as far afield as Shanghai Expo 2010.




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