Emotional Design in Developing Economies

As technology gets more accessibility, especially in developing economies, have you ever wondered what is the real struggle in creating meaningful experiences for those the users in low income countries with no education? It is not only a struggle in creating simple and amazing experiences, rather in creating trustworthy ties with the user. My focus has been on financial credits, mortgages, and insurances. I got a tumbling start thinking 'how can they trust your financial webpage, when they have even trouble in trusting their banks online'. In latin american countries, where there is so much insecurity in the country overall (crime rates, economic strife, etc.), they trust family and friends rather than experts. In order to create a solution, I had to turn to emotional design. Through transparency, empathy, friendliness, and a simple learning process for the users you can create the trust needed for the users to use the financial products. Join me through my rocky journey of creating a meaningful product in México.

Ana Sofia Gonzalez

Ana Sofia Gonzalez

My name is Ana Sofia Gonzalez. I am a Lead User Experience Designer. I was raised in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico but would study in El Paso, Texas. I would commute by crossing the border everyday. Having this rare opportunity of education, I was able to experience a multicultural world, opening my mind to many design possibilities. I got my BFA at Savannah College of Art and Design, where I studied Industrial Design with a focus on Interaction Design. My first UX job was at EffectiveUI after networking on IXDA 2011. I was a UX Designer, wrote a few blog posts […]





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