When Everything Goes To Hell in a Handbasket – How to ‘wing it’ succcessfully

How often do you start a project, workshop, or other design activities with a well-defined plan and schedule, only to realize that everything you planned is wrong? How do you proceed? Scott and Barb will offer some rules, advice, and war stories for you to use next time you find yourself in this situation. They'll help ensure that plan B (or C) doesn’t send your team running out of the boardroom, that it's less traumatic for you, and that you still achieve project success.

Scott Plewes

Scott has worked for almost 25 years in user experience design. After earning a Masters from Queens University, he did UX design for Bell Northern Research and Nortel; before it was even called UX design. He has been a UX consultant since he co-founded Maskery in 2001 and then subsequently joined Macadamian in 2006 when Maskery was acquired. Joining Macadamian, his focus was to find a way to integrate engineering and UX design to find ways to keep UX design a focus on the product all the way into the market, and not just in the design spec.

Barb Spanton

Barb Spanton

Trained as an industrial designer, Barbara has spent the last 15 years in the software industry, designing interfaces for every user, platform, and industry imaginable, with a recent focus on healthcare-related software.





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