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There are qualities, in our relationship with the material world, that we often don’t think about, or even forget. One of these is affection: our affectivity has always been relevant in our relationship with artifacts, but it has become an object of proper studies, in the field of Interaction Design, only recently, that means a long time after we have been working, for instance, on the idea of “affordance”.

But, aren’t emotions less important than ergonomics?!

These qualities mostly belong to the so-called “tertiary qualities”, which are subtle but not less relevant than the primary and secondary.

My reflection deals with the will to investigate unexpressed qualities, that are not yet taken into account in the design phase and can cause issues.

Isabella Loddo

Isabella Loddo

Isabella Loddo is a PhD candidate in Design Science at Iuav University of Venice, Italy. Her research area is tangible interaction design, specifically embodied interfaces and their semantics. Her approach is finding balance in complexity and she applies it into research in the field of robotics and bio-medicine. She is currently involved in the IBIS group with ASI (Italian Space Agency).




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