Creating signage for global masses

The biggest most exciting cities in the world tend to attract the most tourists. But are they designed to be able to accommodate the needs of these visitors – or just locals? Navigating through a city can be easy as pie or your own personal nightmare – often it depends whether you live there or not. As locals, we can take the public transport system of a city for granted but it is as visitors that we really put the tools available to the test. This talk explores the difference between the signage on the subway and tube systems across London, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo, and demonstrates that only one of them creates a successful experience not just for locals, but for global masses.

Irene Infante

As a Senior Interaction Designer, I help clients create, simplify and refine the digital platforms their users get in contact with. To do this successfully, I work to understand my client’s challenges at a large and small scale, and their users’ needs to create something that works for both.




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