Designing Consent: Using UI to Mitigate Harassment in Social Networks

"Designing Consent" is a talk about how design and UI can be used to stymy and mitigate online harassment, specifically within social networks. What does digital consent look like in a conversations and how do we create it? There are a lot of affordances real life conversations give users to leaving or joining a conversation and initiating social interaction. What would social networks look like if they weren't designed to heighten usability but to heighten safety while still maintaining the characteristics and traits of that social network. What can design do to start solving harassment problems without changing the identity of the platform?

Caroline Sinders

Caroline Sinders

Caroline Sinders is an interaction designer, artist, researcher and video game designer. She was born in New Orleans and is currently based in Brooklyn. She received her masters from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where she focused on HCI, prototyping, and interactive storytelling. She holds a bachelor of fine arts from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Photography and Imaging, where she studied digital culture and large format portraiture. Caroline is a member of the Code Liberation Foundation’s board, as well as a teacher for the foundation. Her current personal work explores UX and UI to […]





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