We are here: designer as cartographer

Humans have always made maps; to tell us where we are, to show us how to get somewhere we want to go, to understand the bigger context. More and more, designers are creating maps for these reasons, and others. We make maps to draw insight, catalyze ideas, to get on the same page, and as tools for understanding complex experiences and processes.

We make customer journey maps, empathy maps, mental models, experience maps and strategy roadmaps. Maps are a pure form of sense-making. This is in our past and is undoubtedly in our future as a discipline.

What’s next for these tools? How will they evolve? What cartography capabilities do we need to develop as practitioners? What makes a map useful?

Let’s talk about maps, baby!

Linnea Vizard

Linnea Vizard

Linnea is one of Canada’s leading advocates of service design. She is a UX and service designer based in Toronto, and is the co-founder and organizer of Service Design Toronto. She was also a member of the city service design team Designing Dublin – a forward-thinking citizen-driven civic service design project. In her work she looks to explore how we can develop meaningful, human interactions in the digital age, and as a consultant at Usability Matters, she applies these ideas to a range of clients such as Toronto Public Library, Shoppers Drug Mart and The Movie Network.




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