Designing the future of reading

The way we read and consume textual content has undergone a sea change in the recent past, influenced largely by the burgeoning magnitude of the online world. What have been the repercussions of this on our cognitive capabilities and rapidly dwindling attention spans? I shall explore some quick ideas and concepts on how we can create more immersive reading experiences, both in the digital and physical world and what is our role as interaction designers in defining the future of media consumption in general.

Manasi Agarwal

Manasi Agarwal

I’m a 28- year old new media and interaction designer from Delhi, India. Currently I work as a user experience designer on the Acrobat DC family of products at Adobe. I have worked with various product and service start-ups prior to my gig at Adobe; where I now work with my designer colleagues, engineering team and product management to ensure the best experience for our millions of users.




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