Designing for Play : What Interaction Design Can Learn From Video Games

We were video game fanatics before we were interaction designers. The first example of good design that we saw as kids was through our interactions with video games; the way they guided us, but never explicitly informed us and the pride we felt when we achieved a goal in the game as if it were “ours.” We became designers so that we could create things that lifted people up, cheered people on, and connected people to their friends. We became designers to we all could play together.

Years later we can’t stop seeing the many parallels between interaction design and video game design. In fact we keep seeing the future of interaction design coming closer and closer to the field of video games. We see the future of interfaces that allow us to play, discover, and connect to people in a positive and wonderful way.

Explore with us in a playfully interactive session the essential tenets of video game design and how they can inform more interactive and engaging experiences. Please bring along your smartphone to get the full experience.

We’re looking forward to sharing our passion for play with you!

Chelsea Hostetter

Chelsea Hostetter

Chelsea Hostetter is an interaction designer who loves talking to real users and crafting intuitive and accessible systems. Initially trained in fine arts and linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University, she went on to study interaction design at the Austin Center for Design based on her love of designing video games and web sites.

Ahmed Riaz

Ahmed Riaz

Ahmed Riaz is a user experience designer with a background in developing physical and digital products, an expertise in visual thinking and a passion for making objects that dissolve into behavior. An industrial designer and design strategist by training, he has a decade of UX experience of working with diverse teams of bringing big ideas to life.





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