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Machine learning software is changing the daily practices of designing user experiences. It used to take multiple steps to find, open and review an upcoming flight confirmation, where now it shows up immediately as a notification that pulls information directly from an email. How are designers creating user flows and journeys for the invisible actions machines take to generate a desired experience? How are designers influencing these data-driven decisions so that they are considering the user’s needs and emotions? At Airbnb, we are exploring new design languages and processes that help to illustrate key data-driven moments in a user’s flow. These visualizations give greater visibility to the broader product team and help us to make informed decisions for the user experience. The design team is combining traditional methods of wireframes and user flows with new methodologies to elucidate how an explicit trigger kicks off implicit ones that end in a result we believe is right. Data decisions are inherent in our user’s journey and how we tell stories about the vision of our product. This talk will cover some basic principles of designing with machine learning in mind and thought-starters for how the audience might start to create new processes of their own.

Amber Cartwright

Amber Cartwright

Amber dreams and lives through the understanding that a creative imagination can solve any problem. It has been her life blood since she was a child, where her librarian mother read her wild stories about how life didn’t have to fit into a neat little box. She was an artist first, where the medium of dance allowed her to explore different expressions of storytelling that lead her into her first career in motion graphics, which was a natural transition from physical movement to choreography on a screen.





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