Designing with Velocity at Scale

Many companies have accomplished two of those but no one yet has successfully combined quality, velocity, and scale. It's no easy task. Raphael will discuss how we, at Pinterest, hope to accomplish that by creating self-reliant teams that knit together Design, Engineering, and Product Management — a triad of disciplines and individuals, working closely together in a highly collaborative, trusted, and empowered manner. Raphael will show how it works in the day-to-day, illustrated with recent examples.

Raphael Grignani

Raphael Grignani

Raphael Grignani is a designer living in San Francisco. He’s currently Product Design Manager at Pinterest. Prior he co-founded and served as CEO of Jauntful, as well as designed products and led teams for Nokia, Method, Google, Heath Ceramics, amongst others. He also co-founded the IxDA Interaction Awards :)





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