Kite Connections: Merging art, technology, and culture into new platforms for social impact

Pipas Conectadas merges art and technology to transform the kite fighting of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas into a digital-physical platform that seeks to create new pathways for connection and communication across economic boundaries. What are today’s opportunities for designers to intersect with culture and have a positive social impact? How can technology platforms support inclusion and connection? How can we foster a more interesting world where everyone can play the game? This talk will share the process of designing, developing, and executing Pipas Conectadas in the favelas of Rio and explore how designers can intersect with cultures across the globe, support inclusion, and ultimately have a positive social impact with their work.

Claudia Bernett

Claudia Bernett

Claudia Bernett is a designer, artist, and educator. She creates interactive work that taps into shifting behavior and inspires new cultural perspectives. She is founder of Little Cloud, a cross-discipline, international collective focused on developing new technology platforms with social aims. She’s worked for such international firms as frog Design, R/GA, Method, and HUGE, where she has led the design of high-profile interactive work. Claudia has recently returned from Rio de Janeiro where she was focused on merging technology, design, and culture in platforms that seek to create new opportunities for cross-boundary connection, collaboration, and play in the city. Claudia […]




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