Introduction to User Experience Design for mid-core games

Talk will focus on user experience design in digital games - one of the most popular mediums of contemporary digital design. It aims to introduce listeners to issues related to entertainment products, where often highly complex game systems must be introduced to users who are motivation for using the product is to be entertained. Focus is on “mid-core games”: often mobile, usually free-to-play, socially focused, complex but easy-to-grasp games. From viewpoint of a user experience designer, mid-core market is one of the most challenging and interesting areas of game UX.

Teemu Kivikangas

Teemu Kivikangas

Teemu Kivikangas is a freelance Game & UX Designer and Art Director based in Helsinki, Finland. During a decade in game industry, he has worked for a number of leading Finnish game companies, e.g. Rovio Entertainment, Remedy Entertainment, Bugbear Entertainment, Sulake Corporation, Nokia, Digital Chocolate and Mr.Goodliving. Teemu has crafted interfaces for a wide variety of different game genres and platforms, from AAA-titles to mobile games, from hardcore racing games to Free-to-Play casual titles. He holds an MA in New Media from Aalto University´s Media lab.





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