Startups & Stand-up: How to learn about business by watching stock photos

Business world likes to present itself as something very serious, very technical, very complex. That intimidates many designers, making them believe that the highest place they can have in business, is to choose which colors to paint the hideous pie charts that business people use to decorate their PowerPoints.

Between the design world and the business world there is no wall: there is a smokescreen. This talk turns on the extractor for designers to see the Chief Emperor Officer’s new clothes.

In order to attend this talk, it is advised to have at least one year of professional practice of any design discipline, and enough business exposure to understand and enjoy any Dilbert strip.

Santiago Bustelo

Santiago Bustelo

Santiago is UX Director at Kambrica, a User Experience consultancy based in Buenos Aires. He chairs the local chapter of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA BA) and served as the first IxDA Regional Coordinator for Latin America.




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