Identity theft is scary, but so is cancer: Bringing the insights of design for behavior change in health and fitness to cyber security

Target, Sony, Ashley Madison. Cyber security is big news these days. Yet, despite the current focus on keeping data safe, user interactions with security products do not reflect many of the advances interaction design has made in the past ten years. From top to bottom, the cyber security industry has relied on fear to motivate its customers and users, but this is starting to shift. As designers, we have an opportunity to be part of this shift and to create a better and safer experience for our users.

Designers working in the field of health and wellness have learned that just waving a terrible possible future in front of people does not motivate behavior change. In this talk, we will take a rapid fire look at examples of security interactions and ask how the insights from other areas of interaction design can be applied to achieve better outcomes.

Samara Watkiss

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Samara studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Cross-Cultural Communication with a focus on Spanish and Arabic at Tufts University. She arrived at interaction design as a profession and calling by pursuing the most inspiring aspects of her work as a set designer, pedal-powered machine builder, graphic designer and refugee-liaison and asking how all of these are connected. She worked as an Interaction Designer at InContext Design in Boston, then moved to Austin, TX to complete a degree in Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship at the […]




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