Designing for Future Spaces: Lessons from the Digital World

We live in a world now where we are glued to our devices - digital media has engulfed and integrated into our everyday lives seamlessly. And with new technology, we also see an emergence of different social behaviours in physical spaces – in our homes, restaurants, museums, bathrooms – everywhere. For decades, architecture and digital design have always been separate, with architecture taking precedent. But as these two worlds begin to merge more and more, we can actually take some lessons from digital and service-based practices to create immersive physical spaces to evolve with our digital lives.

Jane Wong

Jane Wong

Jane is an Interaction and Experience Designer currently at R/GA working for Nike. After many years working in architecture, she made the pivot to Interaction Design to work more closely with human centered research and design, and to begin to explore how technology-based behaviour could play a bigger role in shaping physical space. She is passionate about how the tangible can meet the digital world, and how the impact of new devices and media continue to shape our social environments. Her work for Nike has included bridging design strategy and research into creating digital products, and has worked on an […]




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