Scott Plewes

Vice President of UX, Macadamian Technologies


Scott has worked for almost 25 years in user experience design. After earning a Masters from Queens University, he did UX design for Bell Northern Research and Nortel; before it was even called UX design. He has been a UX consultant since he co-founded Maskery in 2001 and then subsequently joined Macadamian in 2006 when Maskery was acquired. Joining Macadamian, his focus was to find a way to integrate engineering and UX design to find ways to keep UX design a focus on the product all the way into the market, and not just in the design spec.

Since becoming Vice President of UX at Macadamian in 2010, Scott has continued to amass knowledge and experience in industries such as aviation, telecommunications, finance, legal and healthcare. He loves working in these big, complicated domains; working with organizations to change the way they do design. Scott is strong component of “everyone on the team designs the product/experience” with the role UX professionals to lead and facilitate the whole experience definition.

Scott’s focus in the past several years has been to try and push design even further up the product creation process. Getting UX professionals involved in the essence of the business case, value proposition, as the business reason for pursuing a product comes to life. He’ll stop at almost nothing to get key decision makers and stakeholders in a room with UX professionals as soon as possible to aid the creation of a great product and customer experience.


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