Leah Rader

Leah Rader

Principal Researcher, Spring Studio

United States

Leah has been asking questions for 17 years as a design researcher on physical and digital products and services. She has informed the design for financial tools and products, electric cars, travel websites and mobile apps, digital healthcare tools, and education platforms. Though she uses all methods, from ethnography to usability, she prefers to make stuff with research participants (like lists, sketches, and maps) in order to discover what they think, feel and do.

Leah reads and thinks about design, science, art, cultures and research in order to mash-up ideas into new combinations and approaches for solving business needs and to share in workshops and talks.

She is principal researcher at Spring Studio, a research, strategy and design firm in San Francisco, recently acquired by BBVA, a global bank headquartered in Madrid.


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