Irene Infante

Senior Interaction Designer, Foolproof

United Kingdom

As a Senior Interaction Designer, I help clients create, simplify and refine the digital platforms their users get in contact with. To do this successfully, I work to understand my client’s challenges at a large and small scale, and their users’ needs to create something that works for both.

My job is not unlike a digital (and better!) version of Doctor Frankenstein. When looking at or putting together a digital experience, I’m the one in charge of the bones and muscles. I shape the body and give it the right form and elements so it can swim, run or walk. This means I get to know its overall environment and create something that it’s best suited for it.

Originally from Spain, I have now spent over 10 years in the UK and worked in four different countries. My international experience gives me a better overview of how people differ and how to best adapt to designing for them.

Alongside my day-to-day work at Foolproof, an experience design agency in London, I enjoy helping people discover the world of UX. I often get involved in mentoring events such as the Global Service Jam and I have recently worked as teaching assistant at General Assembly, helping professionals understand and think like a user experience designer.

Outside of work I love spending my time around food – whether is cooking it, eating it or harvesting it off my tiny South London balcony. There is something delicious to be said for home-grown tomatoes.


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