Amber Cartwright

Amber Cartwright

Design Manager, Airbnb

Unites States

Amber dreams and lives through the understanding that a creative imagination can solve any problem. It has been her life blood since she was a child, where her librarian mother read her wild stories about how life didn’t have to fit into a neat little box. She was an artist first, where the medium of dance allowed her to explore different expressions of storytelling that lead her into her first career in motion graphics, which was a natural transition from physical movement to choreography on a screen.

Today, Amber is a Design Manager at Airbnb where she oversees several teams that evolves the company’s two-sided marketplace experiences. She has been a designer for over fifteen years, working across several mediums including interactive exhibit design, design agency consulting and video editing in New York, Portland and San Francisco. Her past design career extends to roles with the digital agency Huge, and Second Story. She has created designs and user experience strategies for companies like Loblaws, Google, Target, American Express, GE Capital, among others. Her passion and interests in product design are about finding what inspires and motivates people, then reflecting that back into products that have meaningful impact on their lives.


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