The network as a design material: distributed systems UX for the internet of things

Designing for the IoT requires a systems approach to UX: considering ecosystems of distributed devices and cloud services. Where does information processing happen? How do devices work in concert? What is the experience of the network itself: the spaces between devices? In conventional UX, we often assume that devices are constantly networked, with data almost instantly synced. This is rarely the case in connected products/IoT, and delays and discontinuities are not edge cases: handling them is part of the core UX. To create a really slick UX, designers need to understand the characteristics and limitations of IoT technology. This workshop will give participants practical knowledge of the issues in designing for connected product ecosystems.

Claire Rowland

Claire Rowland

Claire is an independent UX and product strategy consultant specializing in the internet of things. She is the lead author of Designing Connected Products: UX for the consumer internet of things. She has a particular interest in taking connected products from an early adopter user base to the mass market, and technologies that support mundane, everyday activities.

Helen Le Voi

Helen Le Voi

Helen holds a Masters in Computer Related Design from the Royal College of Art. She enjoys exploring the boundaries of technology and the possibilities it can offer. She’s been doing so since 1995 specialising in Interaction Design and User Experience, working with companies such as Philips, Nokia, Samsung and BT.





Aalto University’s Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki

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