Storytelling in Digital Service Design

“Let me tell you a story….” – Storytelling, one of the most powerful ways to convey messages and a basic human need.

The workshop explores the role of storytelling in digital service design. With the constant rise of new emerging technologies, new challenges arise impacting various areas of design. Allowing for non-linear and more continuous experiences, the user is empowered to alter the course of the narrative and the way content is experienced and explored.

The static world of websites and apps is challenged by new technologies such as Google Cardboard, Occulus Rift, and connected devices, all of which require the creation of continuous, multi-routed storylines that Occulusinteraction Design is crafting and orchestrating, as interaction allows the user to be more deeply involved with the content the story thereof. Instead of presenting a linear feature, the user can follow various characters and affect the outcome of the story. This results in more dynamic stories and outcomes, captivating the user and enhancing the user experience.

Take away:
Let’s forget about connected devices and stop being carried away by the splash of immersive experiences but let’s rather focus on the core that brings them all together – the story behind. Any connected product, for instance, is a physical device with a digital service at its heart. So we should focus on the experience and the design of the service to start with in order to evoke emotions, to connect and to convey. The audience will get the chance to explore the dynamics of storytelling and get tips on how to improve their own stories.

Jane Vita

Jane Vita

Over the past 15 years, Jane Vita had the opportunity to gain experience in many of the design competencies, including user experience, interaction design, service design, digital strategy, digital media and visual design, with projects in a range of different industries. She has a visual design background, post-graduation in Web Design and she holds a Master’s in Service Innovation and Design.

Maria Lumiaho

Maria Lumiaho

Maria is a Berlin-born multifaceted designer that is crazy in love with the fuzzy front end and big picture painting. She loves dancing with ambiguity and enjoy the journey of the entire spectrum of the design process with in-depth skills in service design and user experience design.

Suvi Numminen

Suvi Numminen

Suvi is a versatile designer who loves working with ambiguous problems. She believes in designing not just products and services that solve problems but ones that tell memorable stories and build relationships. Her core skills include service design, interaction design, visual design and game design.





Aalto University’s Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki

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