Rapid video prototyping for connected products

The Internet of Things means that the kinds of products designers will be working on is changing. Connected products will involve interactions spanning across multiple devices, places and interface types, including non-screen based interfaces like voice or physical controls. Video is a useful tool to rapidly prototype and iterate the experience of such products before spending time getting electronics or coding involved.

This workshop will introduce participants to video as a low-fidelity prototyping tool and guide them through creating a video prototype of their own using their smartphones.

Martin Charlier

Martin Charlier

Martin Charlier is designer specialising in the intersection of digital and physical. His background is in industrial design, he works a lot in UX and service design and his key interest is in connected products. He’s a co-author of ‘Designing Connected Products’, a co-founder of Rain Cloud (which is a project exploring new interactions with connected products) and a freelance design consultant.

Tom Metcalfe

Tom Metcalfe is a product designer, experience designer, producer and tutor based in the UK. His work predominantly focuses on user experiences across the physical and digital and runs a small design studio in Bristol. In addition he co-produces the interaction design talk series, This Happened Bristol and co-runs an R&D IoT project, Rain Cloud.





Aalto University’s Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki

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