IBM Design Thinking in Action: How can advances in learning science and technology reduce inequality among young people?

The Middle-Skills Gap is a worldwide problem. In the USA alone as many as 25 million, or 47%, of all new job openings from 2010 to 2020 will fall into the middle-skills range. In this workshop we will break into two groups to solve this. Group 1 to use DesignThinking to come up with better education initatives for K-12 age students and Group 2 will use Design Thinking help figure out how to retrain young workers in the 18-30 year old range.

Four Goals for Design Thinking Workshop:

  1. Gain a strond understanding of how to put IBM Design Thinking to Work
  2. Think about how to advance your current or future projects
  3. Bond with fellow participants
  4. Solve a real world problem





Aalto University’s Arabia Campus, Hämeentie 135 C, Helsinki

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