Ritika Mathur

Senior Experience Designer, Fiserv

New Zealand

During the course of her journey as a designer, Ritika Mathur has had the opportunity to live and work with diverse groups in North America, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Southeast Asia and currently in Australasia. She has been awarded excellence by the Stanford Center on Longevity, IxDA Interaction Awards & Core77 Design Awards for her work in the sector of design thinking & social initiatives. Fascinated by humans and their inherent urge to connect; Ritika loves collaborating across cultures, languages and disciplines to create behaviours that stir change.

Currently, she is working as a Senior Experience Designer at Fiserv, Auckland, New Zealand where she facilitates design driven product innovation and embeds service design thinking to guide organisational direction, planning, performance and culture. Focusing on effective learning, workforce development and skills analysis, she leads teams on inspiring collaborative work environments. As a catalyst for positive organisational change, she uses design to develop and influence a range of significant strategic opportunities and operational initiatives for a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. The pragmatic use of research helps her design better solutions, through both qualitative and quantitative measurement at individual, team, project and organisation wide levels.

Ritika completed her Interaction Design Programme from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Denmark in 2013. Prior to this, she was working as as the lead UX designer at LG Electronics Design, India where she worked closely with design headquarters in South Korea for creating UX as a strong Brand identity for LG India in mobile communication and home appliances.


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