John Rousseau

Executive Director, Artefact

United States

John Rousseau is Executive Director at Artefact—a digital innovation and design firm in Seattle. In over two decades of consulting, he has worked across multiple disciplines with a wide array of clients to bring clarity, meaning and utility to products and services, experiences and systems. His current work is focused on the convergent domains of augmented reality, automotive, and entertainment. Previous clients have included Chase, Target, Corona, Nike, HP, Microsoft and Madison Square Garden among many others. Prior to joining Artefact, John was Executive Creative Director at frog—a global product strategy and design firm headquartered in San Francisco. He was previously a professor in the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington.

John Rousseau led an Artefact/Hyundai collaboration, exploring the factors that would help create the consumer demand for autonomous vehicles, identifying the opportunities for designers to create semi-autonomous driving experiences that build trust and confidence.


Passengerhood: On the Road to Autonomy

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