Johanna Kollmann

Johanna Kollmann

Director, Us and the Machines Ltd

United Kingdom

Johanna Kollmann has been working in User Experience since 2004. She got interested in an agile way of working in 2006, and has been nerdy about lean ever since coming across the lean community in 2009.

Johanna has gained experience in R&D departments, large corporations, agencies and startups, and now focuses on digital product strategy. Her background is in Information Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

Passionate about building better things through collaboration, Johanna co-founded Design Jam, organised the first UX Barcamp in London, and co-chaired the 2014 IA Summit. She likes dancing at gigs, hiking up hills, ice cream and manta rays.


Making Sense of Messy Problems: Systems Thinking for interaction designers

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