Jennifer Ng

Jennifer Ng

UX Consultant, Freelance

United States

Jennifer consults with startups in the San Francisco Bay Area and seeks to improve experiences through behavior design, storytelling, and design thinking. Her design philosophy originates from the mantra: design the right thing, rather than design the thing right. Most recently, she led design research at Livongo Health, which provides a service to empower people with chronic conditions, starting with diabetes. She has been a user experience designer and researcher at diverse set of companies including HP webOS, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Method, Catalyst Innovation Partners, and Nectarine Group. Her expertise ranges from understanding lives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, improving an everyday commute by car, creating a revolutionary way to order lunch, and engaging people in reading books. Jennifer holds a masters in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. A creative nonfiction writer by night and an ice cream lover anytime, Jennifer is writing a book about ice cream shops all over the world a novel based on her grandfather’s life. If she was asked what she enjoyed doing at the age of 8, she would have answered “observing”, which is still a joy and an inspiration for storytelling.


Design for Healthcare: Don’t ask me what I didn’t do, ask me how I am

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