Trade-offs & Sharing: Figuring out UX for the complex dynamics of a sharing platform

'We have too much stuff'; a lot of products we own are idle most of the time. But having these products there when you need them – like a barbecue, a tent, or a power drill – is a hard to beat experience with another model for access, like sharing or co-owning. Where services have been disrupting ownership models for e.g. bikes and cars, it is hard to make sharing a viable option for more mundane products.

One of the key success factors to creating a sharing platform for everyday products is building a user experience that navigates the trade-offs in conveinence and social dynamics.

Do we wait for delivery drones as the prefered model of access to the stuff we need? Or can we make sharing of products on an everyday basis work, and save the planet while seeing our neighbors more often?





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