The Invisible Cities

Cities have always been the driving forces behind the economic and cultural development of a region, a country or a continent. But one thing does distinguish this day and age: the speed of that development. And the most radical booster of that speed is the upshot of the internet, an innovation that is only 40 years old.

Big cities will be developing into megacities, and today’s megacities will turn into super-megacities. Specially in these ever-changing metropolis we are seeing the interplay of different trends tapping into mobility, robotics or energy.

But every institution is following an isolated agenda, rather than a collective effort to tackle the challenges of those future cities.

This talk is meant to give an holistic view to how the cities are changing and how as Experience Designers we can enhance the physical and digital spaces that we live in.

Pablo Honey

Pablo Honey

Our human data is formed by the cities we lived in, both how they shaped us and how we connected to their idiosyncrasies.




Finlandia Hall Main Stage

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